How to Grow Turmeric + Video

How to Grow Turmeric

Using turmeric in dishes provides immense health benefits.  If you want to take a stab at growing your own turmeric, it is pretty darn easy once the roots germinate.  It grows similar to ginger and you harvest the roots.  Unlike ginger,  you must harvest the entire plant when it matures.

I know you are all ready to grow turmeric–but here is the kicker–it takes 8 to 10 months before you can harvest the plant.

Before you say, “Anna, I am up for the journey,” let’s talk facts.  If you live in an area where you have frost, you will need to take the plant inside to a sunny location.  I took my plant in before the weather temperature was  below 65 degrees.

Only gardeners in zone 9 can grow this plant outside.

After I took the plant inside, I waited and waited until this March to harvest the plant.

This plant isn’t meant for impatient gardeners.

Yeah. I know. I didn’t have to try and persuade you not to grow turmeric.  You are saying to yourself, “Anna, get to how do I grow turmeric. Let’s move on.”

Moving along quickly.

How to Grow Turmeric

Normally, turmeric, when grown in the ground, can reach about five feet tall.  If you don’t live in a frost free friendly place, you will need to grow it in a pot which is 12 inches wide by 12 inches deep.

If you can grow turmeric in the ground, plant it in the fall.

Although you can purchase a plant, you can also  grow turmeric from store bought turmeric.  Be sure it is organic so that it isn’t sprayed to stunt germination.  Here are some sources where to purchase turmeric rhizomes.

If you buy it from a health shop, you might want to purchase a few just in case one doesn’t sprout.

When I harvested mine, I took a piece with 2 knuckles and planted it 2 inches deep in the soil. Turn the plant so it is “knuckles up.”   Keep the soil moist–but not sopping wet or it will rot.  In about a month or so, you should see small sprouts.

Once mine sprouts, I will post a picture of my new turmeric plant.

Generally you want your seedlings to be 16 inches apart so they have room to grow.

Water weekly.  Remember this is a tropical plant. In addition, fertilize it with liquid seaweed twice a month.

Honestly, I didn’t fertilize my plant.  Next time I will fertilize it and  see if my new plant produce more turmeric roots.  I did notice that my plant only grew to about a foot tall and never flowered.  Was it the pot or the lack of fertilizer?  Time will tell.  Stay tuned.

Harvesting Turmeric

As I mentioned above, you wait awhile for this plant.  Once the leaves start to wilt and brown, it is time to harvest the plant.  I waited until my plant was completely brown to pull it up.  Watch the video below as I harvest the turmeric.

Store turmeric in a dark cool place.  I decided to store it in the freezer until I need it. Be sure to read my turmeric health benefit article which has over 20+ recipes for your use.

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    Dian says

    I plant turmeric every year to harvest the leaves only. I use the leave to make rendang (beef in coconut milk) and sour and spicy fish. I love the aroma :)


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