Is Forbo’s Marmoleum Flooring Safe Enough to Eat?

Christopher Moline , the Residential Group Manager of  Alexandria Carpet One, put his money where his mouth was.  He had heard that Forbo’s Marmoleum was so safe that you could eat it.   So, what did Chris do? You guessed it.  He ate a small piece of the flooring.  Check out the above  short video and his blog.

Marmoleum is made out of  linseed oil, rosins, wood flour, jute and ecologically responsible, organic pigments.  For more details as to what these particular ingredients are comprised of, see here.  According to the Company, Marmoleum has inherent anti-bactericidal and anti-static properties.

I think of Marmoleum as funky lineoleum with wonderful patterns and colors.  Believe me, it ain’t your grandma’s lineoleum.  Check out their photo gallery.  Forbo offers both Marmoleum and Marmoleum Click (floating floor.)

So, what did the flooring product taste like ? I emailed Chris, and he replied, “it tasted like cardboard.” And “he has a strong stomach.”  I gather this means that he felt fine after eating the floor. The better question to ask, is did he digest it?  (You know what I mean, right?)

Personally, I think Chris deserves a raise for his can do attitude  of selling the product. Do I hear “Fear Factor” contestant?

In any event, Marmoleum is an eco option that great for the environment , and apparently looks better than  it tastes!

Tip via my buddy, Mary Hunt at In Women We Trust.

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  1. 1

    Mike Allen says

    Um, I thought it was your grandmothers linoleum, that’s kind of the point. It’s made the way that linoleum was originally made, until the 1970’s.

    • 2

      Green Talk says

      Mike, I was not talking about how it is made in referring to Forbo not being your grandmother’s linoleum. I was talking about its design. Forbo has wonderful designs that would please many different tastes. Anna

  2. 6

    Penelope says

    Hello! I am confused about Marmoleum. According to Forbo’s documentation, “The factory applied lacquer – Topshield 2 – is a waterborne UV cured urethane – acrylate hybrid dispersion.” Isn’t that a fancy way of saying it’s plastic? Also, some Marmoleum is backed with polyester, rather than jute. Isn’t that plastic as well? Does anyone know for sure whether that means Marmoleum does or does not contain VOC’s, BPA, flame retardants, and/or pthalates? I don’t understand how Forbo can claim that Marmoleum is biodegradable and non-toxic if it’s made with plastic?

    • 7

      Linda says

      The topshield is dangerous. It is an isocyanate. The flooring is beautiful but when we enter the room our eyes swell up and we suffer respiratory distress. We installed it because we thought it would be safe and healthy. Why didn’t Forbe inform us of the danger of the topshield. It was so expensive. Now I have to have it removed. Buyer beware!

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