Jennae, of Green Your Decor, Needs Your Help


Jennae of Green Your Decor sent the Green Mom Carnival group an email this weekend that took my breath away.  Her four year old daughter, “Mini Me,” Jennae’s nickname for daughter, was just diagnosed with leukemia.

A parent’s worse nightmare is to have a sick child.  Worse yet,  Jennae is self employed and her husband has just been laid off.  The family does not have any  insurance.  Read more about her story here.

Jennae is seeking full-time employment to cover the expenses the family will be incurring while Mini Me  is undergoing treatment.  She is a talented writer, editor, and web designer living close to the Atlanta area. She also loves interior design especially if it is  green.  Want to know the latest green home trends, visit Green Your Decor.

I know how it feels when your child has a life threatening illness.  Thank goodness my oldest was diagnosed only with JV diabetes at the age of 15. It is manageable but his whole life has changed.    I, like Jennae,  was helpless to alter the course of his fate.  However, I continue to fight to reform the environmental laws in this country which allows harmful chemical exposure to our child especially while in uethero.  (See  Environmental Working Group’s moving video about the chemicals our unborn babies are exposed to.)


Mini Me’s  is  four years old, and her parents need our help.  So, what can you do?

  • Check out Jennae’s linked-in site so you can learn more about her. Hire her or  ask your colleagues for help.  OMI, anyone who hires Jennae is darn lucky.
  • Ask her to redesign your website.  See her portfolio here.  This is only a small smattering of what she can do.  (She could use some help uploading her designs to her website.  The gift of time is always appreciated.)
  • Add the above widget to your site asking your followers to help. Just click on the “copy” button or “info” button to get directions on how to embed it in your site.   I can be technically challenged, so if I can do it, so can you.
  • Just in case the widget is not working, you can donate via her support page on her site.  She accepts paypal.
  • Consider contributing money via the widget or support page.  Any amount will help.
  • Advertise on Green Your Decor.  She has a wonderful following with over 1700 followers.  You got green.  She will flaunt it.
  • Help her husband become employed.
  • Spread the word to help Jennae in any of the above ways.
  • Offer to guest post on Green Your Decor to help keep her blog fresh and gain more followers.  Contact her here.
  • Also, please tweet this post or any post asking for help for Jeannae.  Use the hashtags #HireJennae and #Atlanta.
  • Please tweet:   Need a great designer, writer & social media maven? #HireJennae in #Atlanta See: You can use Hoot Suite to schedule periodic tweets and let it do the work.
  • Stumble this post, share it on facebook, linked-in, or any other social network site.  Just get the word out.  (See at the bottom of my post the words, “Share This” with the funny looking symbol after the words? This is where you can share my post via  email, facebook, etc.  Just click on it and it will reveal several choices.  As the Nike commercials say, “Just do it!”)
  • Continue to support those groups such as the Environmental Working Group, who are trying to stop this chemical madness that has caused increased cancer rates, learning disabilities, JV diabetes, asthma, and a host of other illness.
  • Pray for Mini Me for a swift recovery.  She is a little  ray of sunshine that needs to help brighten our world.
  • Thanks you for all your help. Off to hug one of my kids.

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