K-9 Confections: Barkly Good Dog and Cat Organic Treats

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Much to my children’s dismay, we don’t own a dog. I always blamed it on my oldest son’s asthma. “We don’t need hair everywhere since it will make #1 Son’s asthma worse,” was my standard line. Then, I would suggest another dog such as a poodle (always the lawyer) to which they would shutter and say that a poodle is not a real dog. Translated this means a poodle is not a MAN’s dog. (Remember, I have four boys.) I had a poodle growing up and loved him.

The real reason we don’t have a dog is I did not want a fifth child to take care of. My kids promised until the cows came home that they would take care of a dog, but we all know how that story ends. Don’t we?

When I received an email from K-9 Confections about their organic and natural dog treats, I was intrigued and wondered who would create organic dog treats? Given my friends’ bonds with their pets, it is definitely not out of the ordinary.

Jennifer and duchess of K-9 Confections

Jennifer Wilner, founder and president of the Company, is no exception. Her boxer, Dutchess, suffered from food allergies.  She soon realized that Dutchess was not the only pup to suffer from these allergies and K-9 Confections was born.

Today the company specializes in premium, all-natural and organic dog and cat treats that contain no added salt or sugar, artificial flavorings, fillers or preservatives. All of the products are free of wheat, corn and soy, and made with the highest-quality human-grade ingredients, using USDA Certified organic grains. Our treats are “Paw Made”, baked fresh everyday and hand-packed. K9 treats will stay fresh for months, but we assure you, the treats won’t stay in the bag that long!”

All products are made in the USA and sourced from local vendors. In addition, Wilner consults with gourmet bakers and top notch veterinarians when formulating a new recipe to make sure that the product is both healthy and delicious.

When my Gourmet Pawpourri bag came in the mail, I had to take a sniff.The treats smelled like gingerbread cookies! When I read the following ingredients, I knew why the treats smelt so good.

Pumpkin Puree, Organic Oat Flour, Safflower Oil, Organic Egg, Cinnamon, Organic Vanilla, Baking Powder, Natural Honey, Organic Golden Flaxseed, Natural Creamy Valenica Peanut Butter, Spring Water, Organic Mint, Organic Parsley, Rolled Oats, Organic Low Sodium Vegetable Broth, Organic Rye Flour, Organic Brown Rice Flour, Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Apples, Green Beans, Preservative Free Natural Hickory Smoked Bacon, Unsulphured Molasses.”

When I asked Wilner why all the ingredients were not organic, she stated, “it is extremely difficult for a small bakery to purchase all of their ingredients organically. Because there are currently no organic bakeries in NJ, K9 Confections has to purchase through distributors that sell to health food stores – until the company is large enough to buy directly.”Eventually, the Company will use only organic ingredients as they become available. In the meantime, Wilner is helping the local NJ community by supporting her local health food stores.

The treats do come in a sealed, reusable plastic bag in which she encourages her customers to reuse the bag for other uses. Wilner told me that at the moment this is the best alternative to keep the treats fresh.

Picture 084

Picture 079

So, how did they taste? I knew the perfect subjects to test these yummy treats: Stella and Snickers, two finicky, female Airedale Terriers. (Aren’t they adorable?)

Why did I choose Stella and Snickers? Airedale Terriers have a distinct mind of their own. To get a sense of why I chose these dogs, read this joke:

“A fellow goes to the edge of a cliff and asks a Lab to jump off. The Lab says, “OK” and then jumps. Then the same fellow asks a Dalmatian to jump over the edge of the cliff, and the Dalmatian says, “OK” and jumps, too. Several other popular breeds are then asked with the same response. Jump. Jump. Jump….. Then the fellow asks an Airedale to jump from the same cliff, to which the Airedale responds, “You first.” [Courtesy of Terry Wertan — original author unknown]” (Reprinted from SouthWest Airedale Terrier Rescue)

Now you get the picture?

Picture 096

Both Stella and Snickers could not get enough of these treats. They even knew where I was hiding the treats in my pocket. Their “Mom” was amazed since she said they were quite finicky. When I interviewed Stella and Snickers, separately, they both replied “Bark, Bark (wag tail), then jumped on me, and “Bark” again. I used Babble to translate Airedale Terrier language to English, and this is what it said.

“OMG, they are amazing. Can I have more? You don’t need to give it to my sister. She is on a diet.”

Sounds like Gourmet Pawpourri received a high paw from Stella and Snickers.

January, 2009 001

Just to make sure that my results were correct, I decided to test the treats on a male dog. Moose, a mix of cocker spaniel and poodle, was my next test subject and loved the treats. Don’t those eyes tell you everything? He reminded me of the character, Oliver, when he said, “Please sir. Can I have some more?” Moose would have loved if I just dropped the bag.

January, 2009 004

I kept imagining what those great smelling treats tasted like and decided to try a small piece. I hope I am not grossing you out. How bad could they be? For goodness sakes, look at the ingredients. Well, in human, it was a little bland but not bad. I asked Adam, co-founder of Paw Luxury, an online eco-friendly barkalicious dog store, if my assessment was correct and he said that dog treats are a little bland. (I guess I am not the only one who tries dog treats… )

Doesn’t your feline or dog friend deserve the very best? Shop online or visit selected retailers for K-9 Confections’ dog or cat treats, holiday dog treats, dog gift tins and boxes, and dog birthday treats.

K-9 Confections wants to share some love with your animals and is giving one lucky Green Talk reader a package of Gourmet Pawpourri. How do you enter to win?

In order to enter the giveaway contest, you must live in the US or Canada, and be 18 or older and follow the rules below:

  • Leave me a comment here telling us about your favorite pet or pets. If you don’t have one, just say so.
  • To double your chances of winning the treats, consider joining Green Talk’s Ning Forum. Come back and leave a separate additional comment that you joined my forum.
  • To triple your chances consider joining my Feedburner email list or subscribe to my RSS feed. Both subscriptions are listed on the upper left hand column. Be sure to come back and leave a separate additional comment to tell me which one you joined.
  • To quadruple your chances of winning, twitter about this contest and come back and leave a separate additional comment of the url (weblink) of your twitter comment.
  • You must enter by March 3, 2009, 6 PM EST time to win. A winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, March 4, 2009. Good Luck everyone!

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  1. 1


    We have three dogs and one cat that only has three paws. I’d like to say I love them all the same, but I do have a special place in my heart for the oldest dog, Bo. He’s 11 years old now and he’s really the first dog I ever owned. He is totally in love with me and would sooner die than make me mad. He also has a wicked sense of humor, nothing makes him happier than to grab my daughter’s shoe from her and take off running so she’ll yell and chase him.

    Michelles last blog post..Flip Notes Winners

  2. 6

    Kathleen Wiersch says

    My old dog Kip hasn’t been getting as much love since we have had two toddlers. I should treat him to something yummy and healthy.

  3. 9

    Mickeyfan says

    Miss Sophia Loren (Aussie Shepherd) would adore these (or any other) treats! She’d make sure they didn’t fall into the wrong paws…say those of her arch-nemesis Del–the cat!

  4. 10


    ok my favorite pets- they are all my favorites, and love animals. My gals though are full of love and I know if they spoke they would have alot to say

  5. 17

    Linz says

    Your dogs are beautiful !
    Our dogs – one large and one small will love these treats and I will love the opportunity to spoil them.

  6. 18


    My dog Sheba is my best friend. I have practically a mini-zoo at my house, but she is always the one I go to when I need comfort. Sheba is a 9 year old gsdxborder collie rescue. My family adopted her when she was 2 and the past 7 years have been wonderful. Sheba has taught me a lot about a dog’s needs, training, and nutrition. It was because of Sheba that I got into better types of dog food, and organic dog treats. She is allergic to un-natural dyes found in dog foods like kibbles & bits. I wanted her to have something better, so I did my research and found Zukes mini-naturals, as well as Chicken Soup pet food that is a holistic dog food, but also affordable. Sheba really welcomed me into the canine world, and I just love her for showing me what a great companion a dog can be!

    Amber Irwins last blog post..sheba comin’ down

  7. 19

    Kelly Ann T. says

    I have two Alaskan Malamutes. Milele is a retired certified therapy dog and Kouga is now following in her pawprints. I’m so lucky to share my home with these special dogs, who bring so much comfort to nursing home residents.

  8. 21

    Christine Groce says

    I have alot of fav pooches in my family, but the most fav is my min schnauzer Maxwell Edison (Max). Please count me in and thanks!!

  9. 24

    Wanda says

    I adore all the dogs currently in our family, but my all-time favorite is Sam, who left us several years ago at age 12. Sam was my introduction to Dogdom at its best. He was a German Shepherd “mix” (actually, quite a mutt) with a completely transparent personality – you always knew where you stood with Sam! He did all those naughty doggie things – stole a Virginia ham right off the kitchen table, gobbled my bowl of minestrone when my back was turned, found and tore open every plastic bag that ever contained a present for him, and opened the dishwasher to get at the cake batter left on a mixing bowl. He even learned how to take the phone off the hook because the sound of ringing annoyed him! He made me laugh until my sides ached, and he was the best snuggler you could imagine. I love all dogs, but somehow I always see their personalities and quirks as like or unlike Sam’s – he is my doggie standard!

  10. 27

    Lindsay says

    I have a crazy Jack Russell named Zeke, he hasn’t been getting the attention and love he deserves lately (all my fault) I know he’d love these.

  11. 28

    Darlene says

    I have had two wonderful dogs, Alex and Sparky. I miss them very much. If I won this I would give it to my sister’s dog, Abby. Abby greets me the same way my own dogs did. No person greets you quite like a dog. It is lonely coming home to an empty house. Even if my husband and/or daughter are here the house is still empty without a dog. They barely look up when I walk in the door.

  12. 30

    lori says

    i have 3 dogs who are just like my kids, ia am always trying to find new things for them to try that are healthy i had a border collie that died of kidney failure and i do not want that to happen to tha rest of my dogs.

  13. 35

    Christine says

    I can’t pick a favorite out of my menagerie. I have a German Shepherd, Beagle, & Basset Hound and four cats. They are all my favorites!

  14. 36

    Linda E says

    I love dogs, all dogs, have two of my own right now. I would have more if I could. They are truly man’s best friends.

  15. 42

    Eileen says

    Well, Moose is part of our family, and I can attest to his love for these treats….and he’d love to win the prize

  16. 43

    Trish Brumfield says

    I have nine rescued dogs (Nubbin, Honey, Godiva, Sunshine, Bella, Lumpy, Onnie, Essie Mae, and Lulu) and three rescued kitties (Goblin, Gigi, and Toodle-Loo) . Three of my dogs have cancer. Nubbin is OK right now but had to have a toe amputated, Onnie is terminal and nothing can be done, and Essie Mae started chemo on Monday. I also have a food allergic dog, Lumpy. I love all of my rescued babies and feed them holistic food and treats. I know they would really love these treats and that these treats would be good for them. Thank you for this wonderful contest.

  17. 45

    Charles Ompair says

    I need to say that I have actually purchased the K9 Confections treats for my Cleo (a 7yr female boxer) and anytime she hears anything that may sound like the bag, she comes running from anywhere to get some. I actually had to move them as she was able to open the draw where I hid them and destroyed the bag to get to the treats. Needless to say I had to go and get more, who would have thought Cleo would like something that was made with all the healthy ingredients. Thanks guys keep up the good work I will keep on buying them at Wegmans

  18. 50

    amandasue says

    LoLo is a sweet and adorable 2 1/2 yr old boston terrier/daschund mix. And she would love a chance to try some yummy treats. Thanks!

  19. 51

    Connie G says

    We have a Boston Terrier and a Pug, they are both my very favorite. They are best friends and would love to share these treats.

  20. 53

    Kim says

    I don’t have a “favorite” pet because all of our animals are special to us. We have a two cats, a dog, hamster, fish, birds and two turtles … yep, it’s a zoo! LOL Trixie the dog thanks you for this terrific giveaway!

  21. 54

    Heather H. says

    I have two dogs – Fergus and Tugger – and one cat – Squeaker. I take care of my parents dogs also – Sadie and Emi Lulu. :)

  22. 56

    David says

    I have fish but we are close to my friend Dave’s dog, we often get him treats, thanks for the giveaway. He’s a Shizu and has a very nice smile.

  23. 57

    Kathy G says

    Anna, what “PAWS”itive news for dogs! My shiba inu, Dakotah, is a direct descendant of Beau-Beau. He is kind, sweet, quiet, and doesn’t mind giving up the spotlight to his toddler brother. He is a “PAW”some dog!

  24. 61

    Kathy Scott says

    My kids have allergies so we can not have pets. I get my puppy love from my boss’s dogs who come to work every day.

  25. 65

    M.A. says

    So many favorites here: Maisie, Kieshka, Rueben, Mini, Thomasina, Shadow, Flossie, Sarge, Taffy, Lady, Nikki, Blackout, Chiefie, Sasha … Love-loved them all—- everyone!!!

  26. 69

    amanda says

    i have one dog, jayna. she is about 16 months old now. she found US outside our house one day last winter, when she was just 3 months old. we put up signs to try and find her owner, and after about a week someone called. i was so upset! but it turned out that he didn’t even want her (which explains why she was half-starved when she found us), so we got to keep her. i’m glad that we waited for the right dog to find us, because she is the most perfect dog i could imagine having. she has truly become part of our family over the past year.

  27. 70

    Carla says

    I have 9 dogs plus a foster puppy right now. I also have some cats and foster cats & kittens. I couldn’t & wouln’t pick a favorite-they’re all special with their own personalitites and funny things they do.

  28. 71

    Jayna says

    I am usually more of a cat person, but we ended up adopting my Dad’s basset hound, Millie – and you can’t help but love her when she looks at you with those big brown hound eyes!

  29. 75

    Sarah Z says

    We have a min pin named Max – he is a great dog and loves to go on long walks! He LOVES treats!

  30. 77

    Tesa S. says

    We’re a rescue family and currently have an even dozen dogs! Hard to pick a fave, but I’d say Duke. He’s a Rhodesian Ridgeback who wandered into the yard.

  31. 79


    I’m one of those that has several pets/furbabies lol. I have five dogs, ranging from 4.5lbs to 180lbs, and a cat that weighs 27lbs, he thinks he’s a dog as well of course. I can’t honestly say that i have a favorite out of all my pets, just don’t think it would be fair lol, but the one i have had the longest is my lab cujo who will be with us for 13 years this year. I guess he’s always gonna be more of the big baby since he was first 😉

  32. 80

    Lori Z. says

    Even though we have two pets, I have to say that Ludo, our Irish Wolfhound/Great Pyrnees is my favorite, because Blue, the fish, won’t remember I said that in two seconds.

  33. 81

    Candie L says

    My favorite dog of all time is the one I currently have. He is a small mut dog that just cuddles all the time. He snuggles between my husband and I at night. THank you

  34. 83

    Lisa G. says

    I have to beautiful dogs Gita who’s a beagle and Izzy who’s a lab mix. I live in a remote area and both dogs were dumped near my home and I found them half starving and scared. They have been a joy to have around and Gita is shy but curious and Izzy is a big silly ham! Thanks!

  35. 87

    Jacqueline Carpenter says

    My Sugar would be in doggie heaven with these treats.
    Sugar is my best friend and she eats better than I do.lol
    We walk everyday the weather permits and she loves to dance and Sugar can say I Love You.

  36. 91

    kathy pease says

    we have 3 dogs bella the chow chow,chico the min pin,paco the min pin and 2 cats big kitty and baby kitty :)

  37. 93


    I have an adorable red Lab who would love these treats! (especially since they are human grade, he thinks he needs human food!)

  38. 95

    Kim V says

    My favorite pets are my labrador retreivers Maggie and Ashley.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. 96

    Jovita says

    I have a 3 yr old male shih tzu~
    He is my baby and I love him to death!
    He is tri- linugal (english, spanish, and sign language)
    He can even SNEEZE on command! HAHA
    He sleeps with me every night right by my head~

  40. 98

    Carissa says

    We have three dogs and one cat. I don’t think I can choose one as my favorite because they are all so loveable.

  41. 101

    Shannon says

    I’ve had lots of pets and loved them all. Currently my dog Ozzie is very sweet and smart and I’m sure he’d love to try these.

  42. 102

    Suanne Giddings says

    I cannot tell you how much I have spent on organic treats, only to have Nikki turn up her nose and “bury” them in her bed and the corners of the love seats. All is not lost, since my daughter has two Westies — so someone ends up eating what Nikki has turned down. I would love to try these since Nikki has allergies (the main reason I shop for organic food and treats for her). Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  43. 103

    Courtney S says

    We just got a new dog from the shelter, Ace. My whole family has fallen in love with him in the past 2 weeks. It’s like he’s been with us forever!

  44. 107

    Green Talk says

    Congradulations, Christine Groce! She tells me that she has 3 pooches who will give us a bark report on the doggie treats. I look forwards to hearing from them!

    Everyone, I loved your dog stories. Keep checking back on the site for lots of giveaways and great green content. Anna


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