New Jersey Needs to Say No To Extra Vaccines! Your State Could be Next!


In article by Natural Moms Blog, I was informed that my own state, New Jersey was on the brink of requiring additional vaccines for children. With all the controversy surrounding vaccines and autism and learning disabilities, I was horrified by the prospect of additional vaccines. Well, wouldn’t you know it. The vaccines were approved!

The New Jersey Alliance of Informed Choice in Vaccination provides the following information regarding the approved vaccines that will go in effect September, 2008:

  • “The flu shot for children 6 to 59 months as a requirement to attend daycare or pre-school, 90% of flu shots contain mercury, and there is no clear evidence that it provides any health benefit to children under 2.
  • The Pnuemococcal (Prevnar) series shot for children 2 months to 59 months enrolled in pre-school or daycare
  • A Diptheria-Pertussis-Tetanus booster for sixth-graders
  • A menigococcal shot for sixth-graders, many of which contain mercury.”

What can you do if you live in New Jersey:

Today, (February 27, 2007) the New Jersey Alliance of Informed Choice in Vaccination is urging people in New Jersey to do the following actions:

(Note: that if you are unable to call today, please call or sign the petition below another day. The purpose of the calls today is to obtain a surge of calls before the assembly meets tomorrow encouraging the legislators to discuss what their constituents think. Every call matters no matter when.)

1. Call the Governor’s office at (609) 292-6000 with the following Message:

Stop the new vaccine mandates, AND support conscientious belief exemption to vaccination

2. In addition, please contact your respective legislator and ask them to sign the proposed bill, A260/S1071, which will provide a conscientious belief exemption to vaccinations in NJ. In the bill, “Conscientious exemption” means an exemption from a mandatory immunization on the grounds of a sincerely held or moral objection to the immunization.”

Find your district and legislators at If you have already made a call in the past, call again. Tomorrow the full assembly meets.

3. Sign this petition which supports legislation noted above currently in the NJ State Legislature. If passed, this will allow for a conscientious belief exemption in cases of mandatory vaccine administration.

This petition should be signed by New Jersey Residents ONLY. The requested email address is not made public on the petition. Please consider signing with your name rather than anonymous as this adds credibility.

Many of you may wonder why providing additional vaccines to young children is a bad thing? Substances such as formaldehyde and mercury (thimesoral) may be present in these vaccines. Many parents and professionals are claiming that vaccines cause side effects such as autism and learning disabilities. See the Center of Disease control’s information as to the ingredients contained in the vaccines.

In addition, visit the New Jersey Alliance of Informed Choice in Vaccinations website for more information.

How does this affect all of you who do not live in NJ? If New Jersey can pass this law, then your state is next. Please let your friends and relatives in New Jersey know about what is going on and urge them to sign the bill and petition.

I realize that there is controversy surrounding vaccines. Some of you may not agree with my stance on this subject; However, I feel that parents should be able to make their own informed decision as to whether or not to vaccinate.

Interesting Articles:

Gov’t Admits Vaccine Autism Link by Kent Heckenlively, Legal Editor for Age of Autism. A must read.

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    An issue that is very important to us! I’m a wee bit beyond the stage of having babies, but my business partner just had one and is still very much in touch with other families and these issues. We have written about it through our media venues and am glad to see you writing about it here. Thank you! Also, thanks for checking out our blog – Green Divas. We’ll be putting you on our blog roll. this is an awesome blog! :) Meg

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    Green Talk says

    Everyone welcome Meg, along with Jen, who are the divas behind Relevant Times, a terrific multi-media site chock full of great green content. They are also have a radio show. Meg has a great sense of humor on the show. Check it out. Meg, is the radio show only for the tri-state area? Anna

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    I think it’s crazy to require us to take a flue shot, Matter a fact just this past week a friend of ours not a child, but regardless he got a flu shot and had a bad re-action to it and is now paralyzed. I know it sounds crazy but the doctors said that it happens, and now their trying to clean his blood, etc. So making us take something that can possible hurt us it not right.

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    I truly do have faith in most of the ideas you may have displayed in the post. There’re really effective all of which will unquestionably get the job done. Even now, the particular posts are incredibly brief to begin with. May you please extend all of them slightly coming from next time? Thanks for your posting.

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