Oat Crop Cover Video: Oscar Worthy Performance in the Grass Category

Oats Crop Cover Video

Oats Crop Cover Video Pic. See Video and Video Link Below!

Recently, I wrote about why I grew a crop cover last Fall.  Just to give you a quick recap, I grew oats and rye last fall.  Since I had to plant the oats in the late summer, I was able to see them grow to about two feet.  Gorgeous.

No really.  Breathtaking.

Strong, thick, and quite handsome.  (No, I am not talking about Adam Levine, Brad Pitt or your hunk du jour.)

We are talking beautiful, graceful grass. Not that wimpy stuff you call a lawn.

Although the pictures in my prior post are beautiful (if I say so myself) I forgot I had a video to share.  An up close and personal  look at my oats. (Yes, I can be dangerous with a camera. Everything becomes a  YouTube video or a picture.  Even the stink bug on my refrigerator catapulted to fame on my fan page.  Well, kind of.)

When I watched the video, I couldn’t believe how vivid it was.   So dreamy. So Nat Geo. I felt like I was  thrown back to those happy days of tomato picking times.  Where plucking vegetables off the vine was simply a flick of the wrist. And we said good night to everyone in the house. “Good night, Mary Ellen, Good night, John Boy….”   Good Times.  (Okay, that was a TV series The Waltons’ joke for those of you who have no idea who John Boy is.)

Come on, Anna. Snap out of it and show the d*mn video. 

Did I tell you that you can almost feel the grass as I stroke it.

Anna, get a life.  (If you are a gardener, you can relate to how I feel.  Right? *Sniff*)

So here is the video for all of you who want to get up close and personal with a crop cover.  Touching isn’t it.  Want one. I thought so.


Join the Conversation:

  • Have you grown a crop cover before?
  • If so, are you blown away by their beauty?
  • Are you an obsessed gardener and can’t stop talking about gardening?
  • Will you grow a crop cover this year.  Just say yes to humor me.


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