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Plastic Free.  How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too


Beth Terry like the many of us was a normal plastic lovin’ consumer until one fateful day her whole world change.  The horrific picture of a dead albatross with plastic throughout its gut turned her into a plastic-free crusader and the editor of the popular My Plastic Free Life.  In fact, she even convinced Clorox to take back their filters!   Beth’s latest endeavor is her new book, Plastic Free, How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too.

I was honored to interview Beth about her book and journey.  Listen to the below video interview or podcast.  You are in for a treat since Beth is so engaging and personable.  Okay, truth be told.  Beth is just one big anti-plastic mush.  You got to love her.

Committed Activist

Since I have known Beth, she has tirelessly educated people on the health and environmental dangers of plastic.  In addition, she features companies on her blog who do not use plastic in their products or packaging.

And she changed my life forever.

Because of Beth, I started to looking at my own plastic consumption and its detrimental effects on our health.  Her message really hit home when my third son’s tests showed high levels of antimony in his body.  He may have obtained antimony via drinking bottle water.

Recycling Plastic Doesn’t Count

But many of you might be thinking,  “well I am a good reycler. Shouldn’t that count?” As Beth explains during her interview, most of the recycling is shipped to China with the workers being exposed to poor environmental conditions.  In addition, she noted that plastic bottles are down-cycled into carpet or polar fleeces.  However, such products are not normally recycled so recycling simply slows down plastic’s final resting place.  The landfill.  Plastic doesn’t biodegrade for centuries.

Plastic and Health

From a health perspective, Beth states during the interview that she isn’t comfortable eating or drinking out of plastic.  As she explains,   US manufacturers aren’t required to disclose additives in plastic  Heat, age, and rough handling can cause the plastics to leach.  As to what, who knows?   Interestingly, Beth noted that even the BPA-free alternatives cause the same hormone disrupting issues as BPA.

The Plastic Journey

So to get you started on your journey, Beth provides in her interview five no brainer ways to reduce your plastic consumption.  You have to watch the interview to see her easy suggestions.  However, Beth warns going cold plastic turkey is a recipe for disaster.      Her book is the perfect companion to help you on your journey with easy tips, stories, and worksheets.

Oh, by the way her book was physically put together without plastic.  Now that is commitment.

Where Can I Buy the Book?

Beth’s book, Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too, is available on Amazon or via Buy Green.  Buy Green will ship the book without any plastic packaging.  You can also obtain a signed book copy in which Beth will donate $2 for each book to the Plastic Free Coalition.

Join the Conversation

  • Have you started reducing your plastic consumption.  If so, what steps have you taken?
  • What scares you most about plastic?  Health or environmental issues?
  • Have you read Beth’s book?
  • Isn’t Beth adorable?
Disclaimer:  Some of the links to Beth’s book are affiliate links.  Green Talk receives pennies for selling the book to help keep the site going.

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