Please Buckle Up so You Can Live to Tell the Story

Last night during on our Green Moms Carnival blab-fest, Beth of Fake Plastic Fish sent an email  to the group about watching the above video.  ( What’s a Green Mom Carnival blab-fest?  It is a mad rush of  emails back and forth among the members of our Green Mom Carnival group about various topics.)  Thanks, Beth for sending this video.

Although this video is a departure from  my green theme, it is really important to watch this video.  I know I am guilty of not putting on my own seat belt.   My husband is constantly reminding me.

All I can say is that this video is absolutely beautifully done.  Message heard. Buckle up.  How about you?

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    Janelle Sorensen says

    That made me tear up! We’ve always been obsessive bucklers since having kids. Becoming parents has made us open our eyes to our vulnerability in cars – we’re just speeding accident traps. Buckle up!

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      Green Talk says

      Beth, I think the Old Spice video would give me nightmares? I can’t tell if he is on the boat or on a horse. Plus, the “ladies look at here, not at your man,” drives me crazy. I felt like I was back in grade school when the teacher kept saying to me to pay attention and look at her not everywhere else. Anna


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