Pumpkin Skins Are Edible and Delish

Pumpkin Skin Chips

How does dehydrated pumpkin skins sound to you? Before your scrunch up your face, and say “ewww,” here me out. You know I have been obsessed experimenting with using every part of the vegetable including garlic tomato, and lemon peels.  One day, I was cooking pumpkin and looked at those beautiful orange skins and said why not.

Go for it, Anna

And with  a little encouragement from the fitnessista’s pumpkin skin recipe, who used paprika, sea salt and chili powder, I decided to experiment with different spices.  Since spicy is not my thing, I opted for pumpkin pie and sea salt.   I liberally sprinkled the pumpkin pie spice along with some sea salt all over the slices.

Note, if you want a more uniform chip look, you can cut up the skins to resemble the size of chips.  Mine just look like rolled up skins.

So I took the scraps pictured above and put them in the oven at 135 degrees overnight.  You could easily put them in the dehydrator at 115 degrees.  Some of the chips had to stay in the oven longer.

Here is what they looked like:

pumpkin skins


Would I do it again?  Sure, but would add some chili powdered like the original recipe suggested.  Maybe some garlic powder?   The chips were a little bland but not bad.  One of my friends thought they tasted like sweet potato skins.

I bet with a little hummus, they would taste great!  I love free food.  Don’t you?

Join the Conversation:

  • Have you ever dried your pumpkin skins?  If so,what did you use them for?
  • What kind of spice combination would you use to liven up the skins?

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