Seltzer Goods: Sassy Green Greeting Cards, Notebooks, and Wrapping Paper

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Featured above is some of Seltzer Goods’ designs

The first clue that I had that this eco-company who sells greeting cards, journal notebooks, wrapping papers and t-shirts doesn’t take themselves too seriously was the name of their company, Seltzer Goods. Who names their company “Seltzer Goods” when you sell paper products?

Well, co-founder, Brian Gold, likes seltzer and even bought a seltzer machine. Okay, I guess this is a good enough reason to name your company after what you love.

The more I thought about the name, I realized that Brian and fellow co-founder Gay Lam aptly named the Company. Similar to the bubbles in seltzer, their products intend to tickle your funny bone and bring a smile to even the most die-hard Birkenstocker or gas guzzling SUV owner and at the same time being good for the Earth as well. Then again, maybe I am reading too much into the name.

What I am not reading into is this Company takes its environmental standards very seriously. All of their paper products are made out of FSC post consumer recycled paper with soy based inks. Their t-shirts are made out of organic cotton with PVC free inks made in sweat free shops.

Here are some of my favorite designs:


Father’s Day is approaching and all of us understand this card. Don’t we, dads….? Seltzer offers many different types of greeting cards to choose from priced at $3.25.

llamas gift paper
For all you Llama lovers, this is the cutest wrapping paper. I also love the banana one too. (Priced at $3 per sheet. Soon to be available in Seltzer’s own online store.  However, you can call or email them if you want to buy anyone of their wrapping papers.)

Tell me this notebook would inspire you to dish about yourself…

Also, check out the set of 8 boxed notes ($12.95), 6 birthday cards with stickers in the card kits, ($14.95), and 48 pages of fun in the pattern kits ($16.95).

tofu shrit
Wear this Tofu shirt with pride! Priced at $28.95. Who said fillet mignon was the best tasting meat?

Most of Seltzer’s products can be purchased in their online store. (See note above about the wrapping paper.) In addition, you can purchase their products through stores throughout the United States and the United Kingdom as well as at various online stores.

While your online taking a peek at their terrific products, hop over to their new blog, Gather, which as they say, “from the curious to the furious to the utterly ridiculious.”  If their blog is anything like their zany greeting cards, then it is sure to amuse you. 

The folks at Seltzer Goods have graciously extended a ten(10%) discount through their online store to Green Talk readers until August 31, 2008. Just insert the code, GREENTALK10.

So, add a little humor, the earth friendly way, with Seltzer Goods. Why should Brian and Gay have all the fun?

Photos by permission of Seltzer Goods

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