Sewing Must Have: The Energy Efficient See and Sew LED Light

See and Sew LED light and organizer

How many of you sew?  It is a lost art but really rewarding.   I learned to sew in junior high and did not pick sewing back up until two years ago.  While sewing window seat cushions,  I found  that I could no longer see when I was sewing.  The little light on the machine and the overhead lights in the room were not enough light.  I just chocked it up to getting older and grabbed my fluorescent office lamp and parked it right on top of the machine.   Am I the only one who finds that little light on a sewing machine is made  for superman’s eyes?

Well, designer Patty Doyle of  Robo Whittler LLC decided to shed some light where needed.  She designed the See and Sew LED sewing light.  Well,  my old strained eyes just perked right up.  An LED sewing light?  Love LEDs.  They give a beautiful directional light which would make sewing more of a pleasure instead of a squinting nightmare.

When Patty and I spoke via email, I could not envision her LED light.  Was it similar to my flourscent desk lamp?  Lo and behold she sent me a picture of it as well as a PDF, which I incorporated into the above short video.   I was amazed how much thought went into her invention.  Not only was it a light, it was a whole organization system for all your sewing needs.  I constantly lose my scissor, glasses, pins, and  would lose my head if it was not attached.

Multiple purpose sewing center

I am fascinated by people who make their dreams a reality.  She explained that she and her husband owned a company that used to  make complicated cuts for cabinet shops.  At the same time, she was sewing on a four foot craft table.   She started nagging her husband that they could design and build semi-custom and custom centers and rooms. (See the picture above.)  The rest was history.

But where did the light come from?

“As we were building and delivering I was adding more and more lights around my sewing machine so we turned our focus to lighting. We started experimenting, designing and building more and more versions until we decided on the version you saw. We have a whole series of lighting and storage that we plan on introducing this year. We also have thread storage and a space saver quilting center that we plan on introducing late in the year.”

In the end, she designed an energy efficient light which would not give off any heat, and would not get in the way of her fabric while  sewing.  It took fifteen months to design and build.  But according to Patty, well worth the time investment. I was intrigued and asked Patty  why the organization compartments.  She explained

“Because I love to be organized we added 7 removable storage bins (I keep scissors, needles, bobbins and all the little things in the bins), a built in thread guide (it holds the economy size spools which I like to use especially in machine embroidery), and a pattern holder (I was always looking for my pattern.)”

Can you not relate?

What was the color of  the LED?  Warm or cool?  She replied,

” The manufacturer calls the lights a white light (neither cool or warm) which makes matching fabric, thread and anything else very easy. There are 60 LEDs in each light for a total of 160 lumens per light and each light has two LED lights in them. So, your needle is surrounded by 120 LEDs. I think that’s terrific!”

Gosh, so do I! In fact there are two LED bulbs in the unit.  One is positioned to the left of the needle and one is positioned at the back so the entire area is lit up.     Just think how much easier it will be to thread a machine with all that light?

See and Sew LED light and oganizer

Gotta have one?  I thought you would.  Patty stated you can buy the See and Sew Light at Quilt Shop or directly from Patty.  In March, the product will be available on Amazon and All Brands .   Suggested Retail Manufacturer price at $199.95 plus shipping and handling.

However, if you buy it through Patty,  you will pay the factory direct price of  $169.95 plus shipping and handling. At this time Patty can only accept checks.

In a few weeks the product will be on Youtube and in June, the Company will have their own website (  You can also follow them on their twitter account until their website is up and running.

I have been thinking about sewing my own roman shades.  Now, I no longer have an excuse….except time.  Patty, can you help me there?

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    • 5

      Patty says

      Hi Dan,
      If you have suggestions please let us know and we can review them. It took about 15 months to develop & test the light. But we always open to new ideas. This is just the first in the series of See and Sews so who knows maybe your idea will be in the next series.

  1. 7

    Stave says

    I love my See & Sew Light!! I purchased mine in St. Louis and it is wonderful! I can see at night so much better. Great idea!

  2. 8

    Darlene M. Yost says

    Patty, I own a quilt shop. Thought about purchasing one of these lights for me at the shop. What would the price be? Then I would have the option to sell them to our customers. Please let me know what you think about this idea. Thank you , Darlene

  3. 12

    J. Good says

    I’d really like to get in touch with Patty to ask if this would fit my embroidery machine or if they are planning a design to fit such a machine, but the website is not yet up and I don’t have twitter. I’d really LOVE to get one of these from Allbrands but not if it won’t fit my machine.

    Any help that can be given in contacting Patty would be most appreciated.

    I found Green Talk while trying to get more information on the See and Sew, and I must say that I am so glad I did. I LOVE this site. It is so informative for conservationists like me. Your site is now added to my permanant internet library. So much information! Thank you for this site.

    • 13

      Green Talk says

      J, I will email you offline with Patty’s information. I am surprised her site is not up yet. Anna

    • 14

      Patty says

      If you will e-mail me at and tell me what machine you have I can tell you if the light will fit. So far, it has fit all machines. Our site isn’t up yet because our sales volume has increased to a point where we have had to delay things. You see we are also the manufacturer of the light. We still plan to have a site I just don’t have a date yet.

  4. 15


    You are correct, sadly, this is a losing art form at least in the majority of household. Time is of the essence and a day of sewing following a fully week working, running the kids around does not leave much time.

  5. 16


    I dont believe sewing is a lost art. If I am to go by me close friend who hand dyes and exports world over, sewing threads. I would say it is alive and well. Sure we can buy anything we like, but to make it yourself is still one of the most rewarding experiences.

    • 18

      Patty says

      Glad to hear you are nostalgic, why don’t you join us? It’s not your Grandma’s machine anymore. Machines now have computers built in them. Some connect to your computer for machine embroidery, have memories for storing your designs and can upgrade your software over the web. Check out some of the sewing machine web sites and you will be amazed!

  6. 19

    Linda Evans says

    Hi, Is there anywhere in Ontario, Canada to buy the see and sew light. It looks perfect for me. If not, where can I get one for the $169 price as I will have to pay brokerage, duty and taxes to have it shipped to Canada. Thanks so much, Linda

  7. 22


    Although I am not an avid dressmaker, my mother certainly complained over the years about the lighting on her sewing machine. So much so, that she stopped creating her wonderful clothing. Hopefully someone reads this and maybe we may start a trend in improved lighting for your sewing machines.

    • 23

      Stacie says

      If you have not gone shopping for a sewing machine in the last decade or so…even the last few years, you will be amazed at the technology built right into them. Some of the higher end ones have “stadium” lighting as one dealer referred to the new-improved lighting. I love my See & Sew Light for the lighting and the organization function it gives me. My machine is only 7 years old but it does not have that “stadium” SSL takes care of that problem!


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