Square Foot Gardening Layout so Easy with the Seed Square!

Seed Square Kickstarter

Gardening is incredibly enjoyable but it takes a lot of work.  One of the reasons I  converted to a square foot gardener was this method increased yields and reduced weeding.  However, laying out the grids and planting easily 300 seeds in an 8 by 4 foot bed is back breaking and time consuming.   Jennifer and Karl Pratt developed the seeding square  which helps to plant seeds faster.  When I saw it, I jumped with glee.

Watch the video below.

Square Foot Gardening Layout Is So Easy!

Seeding Square

When you plant using the square foot gardening method, sometimes you plant 9 or more seeds in a 12 by 12 foot square.  Half the time, I forget which row I planted or my rows look pathetic.

The board comes with a chart that explains how many seeds you should plant in a square.  The holes in the board correspond to the vegetable color chart.

Using the seed digger tool, you simply create the holes and plant.  Everything is so uniform!  Plus, if you are planting seedlings, simply turn over the dibber and make a hole for your seedling.

Okay, I am not done.  Jennifer and Karl have thought of everything.  The seed dibber also has marked depth ranges since different seeds are planted at different depths.  Simply push the dibber into the soil at the appropriate depth, plant, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Kickstarter Campaign

Before you get as excited as I did, realize that Jennifer and Karl  are seeking funding through kickstarter.  If we want to make this project happen, we need to help.  Update:  They didn’t get funded but decided to manufacturer the square anyways.  You can buy it HERE.

Whose up for making gardening a breeze?

I am. Are you?

Photos by permission of Jennifer and Karl Pratt.

Disclaimer:  I am an affiliate of this product. I own it and use it.  See my review HERE.

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    Charity says

    This is sooooo cool! I would SOOOO use this. I truly hope it happens for them. I’m going to go donate. Id really love to have one of these. I have three raised beds that id love to try it on.

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