Stop Squirrels and Critters From Eating Garden Veggies with Panty Hose.

Nylon Hose Stop critters from eating your garden

Nylon Hose Stop critters from eating your garden

This Memorial Day weekend I attended a wedding. As I have told you before, my feet swell so I have to wear (uggh) panty hose.  They aren’t meant to last forever.  Or at least mine aren’t.  Out of the three I brought 3 snagged or had a run in them.  So instead of throwing them in the hotel trash can, I knew exactly how I would re-use them.

Those darn panty hose came in really handy last year.   Previously, I wrote about several ways to re-use your torn panty hose.  My favorite was using the feet which contained hair to deter the deer.  New Jersey is full of deer.  In fact, I think there are more deer than humans here.

Yet, Another Solution

If nine ideas were not enough for re-using your panty hose, I came up with another way to use them last year out of desperation.

*Protect my squash, grapes, and apples from the critters*

I don’t know about your garden, but the squirrels had a party in my yard last year.  They hollowed out pumpkins, ate my corn, nibbled on the tomatoes, and even ate the stems of my sweet potatoes.  (What is up with that?)

But I stopped them from eating my squash, pumpkins, and apples.

 The Old Nylon Trick

The trick is to put the nylon over the small plant, such as a squash, before it gets too big.  See picture above.  The nylon stretches with the plant as it grows.  The only animal who figured out how to get the vegetable out of the nylon was the raccoon.  He untied my little baggies over the grapes.  He got frustrated with some of the baggies and just knocked the grapes and bag to the ground.

(Worse yet, he ate all of my soybeans and left me all the pods.)

Join the Conversation:

  • What do you do with your old panty hose?
  • Have you used them in the garden?

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    Anna, this is ingenious and comical at the same time! It’s so true that the deer in New Jersey are everywhere–anything that’s edible, we have on our porch or in the greenhouse. Sometimes I resent the deer, but I have to admit, they are really beautiful. Just yesterday, my son walked to the edge of the woods and studied a deer face-to-face from about 10 feet away. There was something magical about the two of them standing there in silence, regarding each other with curiosity. In fact, now that I’m writing it, I think there’s a blog post in there, so thanks for the inspiration!
    Joy @ Joyfully Green´s last blog post ..Subtracting the Pony: A Simple, Green Birthday Party for Kids

    • 3


      Joy, thanks for the link up. Actually I have an 8 foot fence around my garden. The squirrels and chipmunks do so much more damage to it. And did I mention a raccoon too.

      PS I love how you write. Your posts are like poetry. Anna

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