Sustainable Cargo Shipping Options Using the EcoLiner

Ecoliner,  sustainable cargo ship

When I first watched the below video of the Ecoliner, a hybrid sailboat, I could not imagine why anyone would use a sailboat for cargo shipping. Even to promote a green alternative.   Visions of  Captain Jack Sparrow and his Black Pearl of the Pirates of the Caribbean being a green beacon danced in my head. Heck, everyone is going some shade of green today. So, why not?

As I dug deeper I realized that Fairtransport Shipbrokers was on to something. Why not ship your cargo in a sustainable manner for those companies wishing to green their transportation footprint?  Why not use the  old time way with new technology?  A hybrid sailboat.

According to the website, Netherlands based Fairtransport Shipbrokers is chartering department of Fairtransport B.V., a shipping company currently has three ships in its fleet:  The Tres Hombres (capacity 55 qms, pallet capacity 20-30,) the Bessie Ellen (one of the last West Country trading sailing ketches, capacity 28 pallets and 30 tons), and the Ecoliner.

So, what is this Ecoliner ship?

“The ecoliner is a type of cargo vessel propelled by a combination of high-tech sail and engine power. This hybrid feature, makes it possible to offer you exactly the same service of speed, freightprice and trustworthiness as expected from a traditional motor cargo vessel. While maximizing the sustainable gain, without having to change your logistic systems. Making use of ecoliners, as ocean transport means, does decrease the polluting emissions of ships by 50%.”

Watch the below video about Fairtransport’s ships.  For our email readers, you can  click the video hyperlink above. I urge everyone to watch this short video especially when the Ecoliner is featured.

Love sailing?  The Company offers a trainee program to sail along:

“You might be interested to sail along on a sailing cargo vessel. Most vessels we work with, take (apart from the professional crew) paying trainees along. Traveling as a trainee on a sailing cargo vessel is a different way to discover the world, while traveling sustainable. It can be a great adventure but also a harsh and hard life, for sure an experience you will never forget. Something different than the average trip from a travel brochure.”

So, readers would you consider using anyone of the above ships to send your cargo to different ports in the world in order to green your freight transportation?  Would you consider sailing along?

Note:  some spelling changes were made in the above quotes.

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