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When you think of swapping, organizations such as Freecycle, Craiglist, and other names come to mind.  Well, here is a new one to add to the Spring cleaning list…Swap Mamas, a new social networking swap site geared towards swapping everything a mama could want.  Swap with another mama for clothing, toys, household products or anything your heart desires to keep it off the curb and in someone’s home.  Why Swap Mamas?

” Because swapping is WAY easier on your bank account. It’s better for the environment. It feels good to GIVE. And let’s face it. Bottom line? No matter WHAT the economic climate, it’s just plain smart.”

Interesting.  Swapping, socializing, being green and spending less green. Sounds like a winner to me. Read on.


SwapMamas was started by Darcy Cruwys, a mom, who realized from her own experience of receiving children hand-me-downs from generous friends that others could benefit from swapping as well especially those in need.  When the economy tanked, Darcy wanted to pay it  forward from the generosity she received to create a website for others.  So, Swap Mamas was born with the following philosphy:

“Sometimes you may want to swap, Even Steven. Sometimes you may simply want to clean out your garage and donate your goods to another Swap Mama. It’s entirely up to you. The hope, of course, is that if you GET, you also, somehow, GIVE. Believe me, the money you’ll spend on shipping is NOTHING compared to what it would cost to purchase new goods. The only way this concept works is if everyone who GETS, GIVES when they can.”

Once you make the connection, Swap Mamas is out of the loop and it is up to the two parties to work out the shipping details.  As a general rule, the Giver generally takes care of the shipping costs so that technically no funds have transferred.  A true swap.  The website provides links to UPS, US mail, and FedEx to figure out the shipping costs.  Check out the website’s FAQs for more information.

What I love about the website is the social aspect that Swap Mamas bring to the table.  You can join various groups such as  Mama Needs, boys’ clothing sizes’ 6 and up, Books for Mom, and many others. Meet fellow moms, share stories, or ask for advice and feel good about giving your once loved possessions to someone who will cherish them as well.  Grandmas can join too since you might be helping to take care of your grandkids.

 Since it is a Ning forum (similar to Facebook), you can create your own groups and make your own personal page.  Green Talk has its own Ning  and it is easy peezie to form groups especially for technically challenged people like me.

Spring is right around the corner.  Isn’t it time to make some space in your home?  Give a little love or receive a little love? Swap it, Mama. It is only a click away. 

Catch more of Darcy on her entertaining blog, Mommypie.

Thoughts about swapping online?  Planning to do some Spring cleaning? What are some of the items you need to get rid of or need? 

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    SwapMamas came along just in time for me: I was cleaning out my youngest’s closet and room, and discovered that I had a lot of things (especially clothes) that I just wasn’t going to need again (since “youngest” is also “LAST”) and no friends with little girls to give them to. I posted on SwapMamas, found a taker (I didn’t need to swap, just to get.rid.of!) and instead of putting them in storage and trying to figure out if I should have a garage sale, or just donate them, I got to give them to someone who really appreciated them. It was liberating to stop hanging on to stuff “just in case” and also to know that I could help someone out in a more personal way than just donating them to the shelter. I can’t wait to swap again.

    WaltzInExiles last blog post..Esculent

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    I echo Mrs. Waltz comment…well almost. I am the very fortunate recipient of her cleaning spree and it was most serendipitous because I was in dire need of bigger clothes for my three year old daughter, without breaking the bank or taking out a 2nd mortgage. I am forever grateful for this because after I saw what Mrs. Waltz sent (literally TWO 30lbs boxes of clothes) I’m almost certain that my Little Imp won’t be wearing the same thing twice for at the very least, the next two months, and with all the summer clothing she sent, I could conceivably get away without doing any of the Little Imp’s laundry ALL SUMMER LONG and she’d still have clean clothes and cute outfits, courtesy of Mrs. Waltz and her darling red-headed cutie of a daughter!

    Personally, I was able to offload 2 dozen nearly brand new red and white wine glasses to a gentleman in CT. We don’t hold nearly as many dinner and wine parties as we used to and being that we’re probably never ever going to get around to having that garage sale we’ve been talking about, they are now going to get some good use!

    I was also able to send some of the Little Imp’s too-small stuff to an awesome mom down in MA and in exchange, she’s offered to make me a piece of jewelry as she makes custom pieces. How amazing is that?

    Darcy came along with an idea that is not only brilliant in concept, but amazingly timely as well. We are all, despite income bracket, feeling the pinch of the downturn in the economy. I’m pleased to know that the things we no longer have a use for will benefit someone else who might be feeling the effects of the recession just as much as we are!


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