Greenpeace’s 2011 Electronic Green Guide: HP, Dell, & Nokia Winners

If you ask any of my children, what they want for the holidays, inevitably some sort of electronic product is mentioned. According to a 2010 Consumer Electronic Association study, the average US household spends $1380 on electronic purchases. So, how do we pursue our electronic passion but keep it green as well? Every year, Greenpeace […]

RecyclingNJ Adds More Features to Expand Recycling Awareness Efforts

Welcome Guest poster, Paul Leonard of recyclingNJ to provide us with an exciting update of how his website is impact recycling efforts in New Jersey. Although his site is New Jersey based, many of his links can be used through the US. As many of you will be aware, the average US citizen throws away 1655 […]

Electronic Disposal: Where to Recycle Other than a Third World County

Photo by permission of Daniel R. Blume As technology advances, I have seen more monitors, computers, televisions, and other electronic equipment left at the end of driveways or in trash cans waiting to hitch a ride to the nearest landfill.  According to the EPA, only twelve percent of electronic equipment is recycled.