Residential Electricity Bill Decrease by Constellation Energy Plan Choice

Remember when the phone industry was deregulated and all the sudden there was competition in the market decreasing your phone bill?  What about your residential electricity bill?  Is your state deregulated and thus opened to competitive residential electricity rates from other vendors?  In fact, my state, New Jersey, has been deregulated since 1999.  However, there was […]

Historic Rutherfurd Hall Quest to Become a Green Educational Center

Welcome guest poster, Paul Qvale, Director of Sustainable Services at the Hillmann Group and NJ USGBC board member as he explains about the progress of bring back Rutherfurd Hall, a historic mansion to create an environmental educational center. One of Norman Vincent Peale’s well known quotes is “Shoot for the moon! You might miss it, but you […]

PSEG, EEI Award Recipient, Aggressively Combates Climate Control

On June 14, 2010, Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG), a New Jersey utility, was the recipient of the 2010 Edison Award presented by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI.) Watch PSEG’s submission video of how they are grabbing climate change by the tail and never letting go. Now, for those of you who know PSEG as […]

New Jersey Gets a New Recycling Website

Welcome guest poster,  Paul Leonard. Two years ago I moved to New Jersey from London, England to work at Rutgers university as a research biochemist. Although unrelated to my job, I am passionate about the need to conserve the earth’s resources and to reduce the amount of trash we all throw away. I started out […]

Say No to NJ Mass Transit Rate Hikes. Keep the Garden State Green

The following email was forwarded to me from  Environment New Jersey: “Earlier this week hundreds of New Jerseyans told Gov. Chris Christie to say no to historically high transit fare hikes. Trains and buses are the greenest way to get around New Jersey — but not if we can’t afford the ticket. Gov. Christie’s proposed transit […]

Urban Sustainable Cities: The Challenges and Priorities

(From left to right, Panelists Paul Miller, Dr. dt ogilvie, Marty Johnson, and Robert Antonicello) Last week, I attended the Jumpstart the New Green Economy conference at Fairleigh Dickinson. Although this conference was in New Jersey, many of the discussions  at the conference were applicable to situations through the country. One of the most profound […]

New Jersey Needs to Say No To Extra Vaccines! Your State Could be Next!

[youtube][/youtube] In article by Natural Moms Blog, I was informed that my own state, New Jersey was on the brink of requiring additional vaccines for children. With all the controversy surrounding vaccines and autism and learning disabilities, I was horrified by the prospect of additional vaccines. Well, wouldn’t you know it. The vaccines were approved! […]