NJ Gov Offices, Stop Spending Money on Plastic Water Bottles

I received several emails from Ken Cook, of the Environmental Working Group, one of my favorite watchdogs, regarding the State of New Jersey’s governmental use of plastic water bottles which is paid by taxpayer’s money. We have a wonderful water system in the state.  So, why the spend? Over the last couple of months, Governor Christie […]

EcoCradle Packaging Kicks the Dirt Out of Stryofoam

Watch the above video about EcoCradle, a new natural based packaging that is kicking Styrofoam’s butt in the sustainability department.  Oh, wait.  Anything can kick Styrofoam’s butt.  It is made out of polystyrene, hence petroleum.  And it will still be here until the Apes rule the planet. ( You know Charlton Heston and the Planet […]