IceStone Offers Green Countertop Sealed with Corporate Eco Principles

Icestone Countertop Generally when people write about green building products they laud the aspects of the product. Seldom do they let you peek into how deep a company’s colors run.  In the case of IceStone, a manufacturer of ecofriendly durable surfaces, they bleed dark green through out their company ethos from manufacturing to their stance […]

Recycled Denim Insulation Nonprofit Grant Offered by Levi Strauss

Last week I received two, not one, but two emails about jeans recycling.  I felt so Sally Fields like.  One from the Gap about dropping off old jeans at their stores, and another from Levi Strauss about their recycled denim initiatives. Instead of bombarding you with two recycled jeans’ stories, I decided to spread the two […]

Recycled Book Library Desk. Old Reads, New Desk

Pictures courtesy of Ellen Forsyth Re-purpose is the first word out of my mouth when it comes to the 3Rs.  But,  what about unloved books?  Sure you can swap them, leave on a park bench for other to find or sell them.   But creating furniture out them?  Well, this concept tops my list. Delft […]