Bicycle Recycling: Giving Someone Else the Gift of Wheels

With the weather becoming warmer, I noticed the increase in bicycle riding.   Whether people bike for exercise, recreation or commuting to work,  over 26 million bicycles were purchased in the United States in 2005 alone.  In 2007, more than twice the number of bikes were produced in the world than cars. To the tune […]

RecyclingNJ Adds More Features to Expand Recycling Awareness Efforts

Welcome Guest poster, Paul Leonard of recyclingNJ to provide us with an exciting update of how his website is impact recycling efforts in New Jersey. Although his site is New Jersey based, many of his links can be used through the US. As many of you will be aware, the average US citizen throws away 1655 […]

Trash to Homemade Musical Instruments. A Kinder Note to the Earth

Welcome guest poster,  Jakob Barry! Trash and music go hand in hand.  In fact, rumor has it that even Sesame Street trash monger, Oscar the Grouch, was named after a famous American folk singer!  It should come as no surprise then that making musical instruments from trash can be realized easily. The simple fact is broken parts of just […]

Recycled Denim Insulation Nonprofit Grant Offered by Levi Strauss

Last week I received two, not one, but two emails about jeans recycling.  I felt so Sally Fields like.  One from the Gap about dropping off old jeans at their stores, and another from Levi Strauss about their recycled denim initiatives. Instead of bombarding you with two recycled jeans’ stories, I decided to spread the two […]

Green Funerals with Eco Caskets and Urns. A Green Staircase to Heaven

How many of you have planned their funeral arrangements?  I know.  What a creepy conversation.  I guess Halloween is coming and thoughts of vampires, caskets, and tombstones are dancing in my head.  But seriously, have you thought of how we kill trees in the name of beautiful caskets that are ultimately buried in the ground? […]

NJ Gov Offices, Stop Spending Money on Plastic Water Bottles

I received several emails from Ken Cook, of the Environmental Working Group, one of my favorite watchdogs, regarding the State of New Jersey’s governmental use of plastic water bottles which is paid by taxpayer’s money. We have a wonderful water system in the state.  So, why the spend? Over the last couple of months, Governor Christie […]

New Jersey Gets a New Recycling Website

Welcome guest poster,  Paul Leonard. Two years ago I moved to New Jersey from London, England to work at Rutgers university as a research biochemist. Although unrelated to my job, I am passionate about the need to conserve the earth’s resources and to reduce the amount of trash we all throw away. I started out […]