The Coalition for Chemical Safety, Front for Status Quo Toxic Chemicals

Support the Safe Chemical Act

So, would you invite toxic chemicals to the dinner table?  Absolutely not, Anna.  You must be thinking, do I take you to be a fool?  Come on.  All those character are normal every day products.  Right?

Wrong.  All those cute creatures pictured in the above photo are wolves in sheep clothing. Harmful, harmful chemicals.  Would you bring them into your house if you knew what lurked inside them? Nor, would you wait at Disney world to meet the “Harmful Chemicals” group with names like formaldehyde. BPA. lead, just to name a few.  Chemicals that could cause cancer along with a host of other disorders. Don’t be fooled by appearances. And also don’t be fooled by their front people, the chemical industry’s the Coalition for Chemical Safety, who want you to believe they have your best interest at heart.

Say, it ain’t so, Anna.

Unfortunately it is so. Watch the below video furnished to me by Janelle of Healthy Child, Healthy World , which is part of the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition, which sheds light on how the Coalition for Chemical Safety wants you to think they support the Safe Chemical Act.  Gag me. (And not with a spoon…)

Remember the Wolfe in Little Red Riding Hood?  You know how that story went.

Richard Denison, Ph.D., a Senior Scientist at the Environmental Defense Fund states in his article about how deceptive the Coalition of Chemical Safety can be:

“My major complaint was, not that the chemical industry was organizing itself or even seeking support from others, but rather that it was doing so through deception:  Pretending to be something it was not.  Never revealing who is behind the coalition, who’s paying the bills.  Never revealing it was put together by one of the nation’s premier “astroturf” PR firms.  And most importantly, not coming clean about its real identity to the businesses and organizations it approaches to sign up.”

It Takes a Whole Village.

I am no stranger to preaching the mantra support the Safe Chemical Act. Nor, am I a stanger to kids with issues no doubtly caused by chemicals that I might have used or been exposed to when they were in my womb. Remember, I am the one with four children with dislexia among other learning issues.

In my article in which  I plead to President Obama to create an agenda to re-vamp the 1976 Toxic Substance Chemical Act (TSCA), I stated the following:

“The Environmental Working Group (“EWG”) did a study of 10 cord blood samples in 2004.  They were testing for 413 toxic chemicals.  What they found was that on average each sample contained over 200 toxic chemicals ranging from consumer products, pesticides, to products that were banned thirty years ago.  The babies whose cord blood samples were taken were being exposed while in utero.”

Not only are the chemicals lurking in our pans, baby bottles, cleaning products, but most importantly,  in our furniture, electronics and building products. That comfy chair could reek of formaldehyde.  Yes, the same thing that we use to embalm the dead.

How Does it Affect our Kids?

According to the Center for Health, Justice, and the Environment (CHJE),

“Increasingly, children are being found to be hyperactive, slow to learn, and disruptive in school. The number of children in special education programs classified with learning disabilities increased 191% from 1977 to 1994.ii Asthma is a leading reason for school absenteeism and the number one chronic childhood illness. iii One in a hundred American children has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).iv 8,000 American children are diagnosed each year with cancer,.v and dust, and in human urine, blood and breast milk.xi”[source]

BPA in Children's Bottles

I ask you, would you put a BPA ladden bottle in your baby’s mouth?  Especially, if you knew the potential health effects of BPA?  But, I ask, why do we have to worry about toxic chemicals in our products?  Don’t we have enough on our plates?

Take Action.  Tell the Chemical Companies, Enough.

So, Readers, please tell Congress to support this bill.  Our children depend on us.

chemical spoof video2

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