Think Twice Before You Buy Another Cotton T-shirt


Watch this video about how the cotton in  your t-shirt is grown in India. Trust me, you will never buy another non-organic cotton t-shirt again especially when you see the amount of pesticides used and the harm it is causing the people using them. 

Let me know if you think  I should summarize the video for those who do not have time to watch the video.

Additionally, let me know your thoughts about this video and how it makes you feel.  It made me feel angry, mortified, and now empowered to spread the word. 

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      Green Talk says

      Diane, can you see the video now? I will post a summary because I was thinking about it last night and have some added comments. Thanks for letting me know you have problems seeing it.

      Can you let me know if you are having problems viewing other videos on my site? Anna

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    It only makes Bamboo clothing more viable. The only problem with Bamboo is it’s grown in China. Most people will not buy it if it comes from China.

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      Green Talk says

      Paul, the problem with bamboo clothing is how it is made. Chemicals that are used to soften the reed are not good for the enviroment especially when the chemicals end up in waterways. So, before you buy a bamboo product, it is best to check how their product is made and what happens to the wasterwater. There are products that are made with the environment in mind.

      I need to post a summary because the video is about how Indian farmers are subjecting themselves to pesticides and killing themselves in the name of cotton. Organic cotton is the way to go. Anna

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    I’d really appreciate it if you post a summary of the vid. Some of us viewers haven’t got the time to watch the whole vid and some seem to have problems on viewing it too… I was instantly captured with the title of your post. I hope more would spread the news and support your noble cause. Thanks for sharing your insight on this one.

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