Want A Laugh? A Must See Video!

Since I have installed BUMPzee and other assorted social networking widgets on my site, I love to check out who is visiting Green Talk. Many times I read their blogs as well. One visitor was Maureen of Feeling Flirty? Get A Date!, who has a terrific blog dealing with sexuality. She had the funniest video on her site. It features Ellen DeGeneres and guest, Gladys.

Why feature this very funny video on a green website? Laughter is actually “green.” It is free and can be recycled. Did you ever notice, when you laugh someone laughs along with you? It is nontoxic and actually is the best medicine since it relieves the stress in our lives. If you don’t laugh at yourself, who will? Laughter does not require a lot of energy but a good sense of humor. So, enjoy this video, but be forewarned, you may need to change your underwear afterwards…

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” e e cummings 1 I truly believe this.

Oh, before I forget when you are done watching the video, poke around Green Talk, and leave me some comments. Like Gladys in the video, we all like to reach out and touch or be touched by someone…

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