Were you Offended by the Super Bowl Green Audi Commercial?

To be honest, I did not watch any the commercials for the Super Bowl. Yeah, I go to the party, but to talk and eat. I guess football is still king and none of my family even talked about the commercials. Someone murmured something about Betty White and a green commercial, but it just didn’t register.

I caught a glimpse of some of the commercials on the View especially of Betty White, but nothing about a green commercial. Today, I saw the You Tube version on Jennifer Chait’s article on BlissTree.

I found it hilarious. If my kids will tell you that I am the eco-police. I turn off lights, which are left on all over the house, take plastic and rotten apples out of the garbage for my composter, turn off all the surge protectors before I go to bed, and try and reuse everything I have.

The New York Times in their run down of the Super Bowl commercials stated:

“AUDI Officious “green police” punish citizens who are not sufficiently eco-conscious, but an owner of an Audi A3 TDI with clean-diesel technology drives away scot-free. This misguided spot put the “mental” in “environmental.”

So, readers were you insulted, thought it was funny, or think all environmentalists are nut jobs? Why?  You can be honest. I won’t take it personally.  Remember, I thought the commercial was funny.

See my poll on the side bar.  Let’s see what everyone thought.

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    jude says

    There is a small group of people who live to be offended, but all the greenies I know thought the commercial was very funny. The Audi part at the end was lame, because it didn’t the tone nor does the car itself merit that role in a commercial.

    There were a number of commercials like that–funny or clever to start–then finishing with a half-assed unrelated product placement.


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