What is Your New Year’s Resolutions?

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Tomorrow is New Year’s Day. Every year, people make their New Year’s resolutions with their best intentions. We also take this time to reflect on our past year. Did we accomplish what we wanted or was this year disappointing whether personally or financially.

This year I would like to give space for my readers to tell us what they hope for this year, whether it is personal or for their businesses. I know everyone wants to lose weight, be more successful in their business, or find their soul mate. Health and happiness are always popular resolutions, as they should be.

Give me something from the gut other than the ones listed above since we all want to accomplish them. If those are your resolutions, then tell us why. Bear in mind, it does not necessarily need to be a green resolution (but green is good…)

When you list your resolutions and/or this year’s accomplishments or disappointments, tell us something about yourself, your business, or your website. My goal is to create a community that people feel apart of. Don’t use this opportunity to just tell us what you sell and give me a lame resolution. Honor the space that I am giving all of you, since your very words could help empower someone else to give thought to their own resolutions.

Since we are baring our souls, I will go first.

What did I accomplish this year? Of course, it is Green Talk, but it just isn’t that simple. I faced fear in the face to create Green Talk. Fear that I would fall flat on my face; fear that I could not write anything anyone would want to read; fear that I could not create a website with my lack of technological knowledge; and fear that why would anyone want to read another green website. Was I just too late to get into the game? Was I just too old?

Fear can drive us and force us from pursuing our passions. For the first time in my life, I took a leap of faith. “If I build it, they will come.” This whole year I have chanted that saying every time I wanted to quit. When I received my first horrible comment, my website was messed up, or low readership, I did not quit. Anxiety was my best friend this year.

But I kept plugging, kept writing, and eventually more readers came. (Not as many as I wanted.) I am proud of myself for not quitting. And even if I eventually decide to stop, I know in my heart that at least I gave it my best shot.

There is nothing worse in life than not trying something that you love. How else would you know what the outcome would be? So, for anyone that has a passion for something, do it, whether as a hobby or a business. Passion makes you feel alive.

What have I learned? I am the type of person who gives, and always tries to help out everyone. I like to connect people with shared interests. At the same time, I am terrible at receiving help, but figure if someone wants to help me, they will offer. With great trepidation, I have started to ask for help for my website from those that I have helped. The ultimate goal is to make the website a profitable business since the hours I put in to write each article is very time consuming. So, for those of you who ask for help, consider offering it, as well. You would be surprised at the response.

What are my resolutions? Of course the usual resolutions: Health and happiness for my family and get in better shape. But one of my goals is balance, something I have never been able to do. I put my everything into all that I do. When I practiced as a lawyer, I worked tremendous hours because that is my nature. I do the same for Green Talk. Writing a quick blurb about a product is very hard for me. I feel I am doing my readers a disservice by not throughly investigating the product. (Now you know why my articles are so long.) I still do not know how I am going to accomplish this and if anyone has any advice I would love to hear it.

I thank everyone that I have been in contacted with this year for helping make my dream come true: my readers, my helpful fellow bloggers, website owners who put Green Talk on their own website without asking any favors in return, the companies who have put their faith in me, and my family for standing by my side to help me. A special thank-you I reserve for my husband, who has proof read every article I written, and has taken over some of my household responsibilities. Green Talk is a dream worth dreaming.

So, spill your guts. Let me know what you are most proud of this year, what you had hoped for that did not materialize, and your resolutions for this next year. (Use a made-up name if you don’t want to give your real name. No one sees your email address but me.)

As I wish you all happy and healthy new years, my hope is that there is peace in the world, we take a big step towards solving the world’s problems, and that each of you accomplish what you hope for in the coming year.


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    I’ve just written up my reflections on 2007 and my subsequent resolutions for 2008 at TalkClimateChange.

    What were the results? I did pretty badly at living a green lifestyle in 2007, and this means two things for 2008. First, I need to try harder. But more importantly, a few things need to change in the world to provide more people with green options.

    Mark @ TalkClimateChange’s last blog post..Reflections on 2007 and expectations for 2008

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    Here are some green resolutions you could try for the new year:

    1. Mail Preference scheme. Sign up at http://www.mpsonline.org.uk/mp.....etype.html. This removes most of the junk mail and saves you a trip to the recycling bin.

    2. Worm bin, turns food waste and cardboard into compost. (basic instruction can be seen at http://www.thepositivenetwork......e&id=

    3. Cook more….I like cooking, pizzas, bread, Christmas cake…cuts out the palm oil and the additives and saves you cash and if you have kids keeps them entertained. Pizza instructions here…very hot oven plus the dough should be very thin, 3mm when you put in for an Italian style classic see at http://www.italiana.co.uk/HowToMakePizzaDough.html.

    See more green resolutions on http://another-green-world.blo.....esolutions.

    Derek Wall’s last blog post..Green New Year resolutions?

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    My big resolution this year is for us to cut our household carbon footprint in half. We’re down 12% already, but it’s going to be tricky to get the rest of the way. It’s going to mean sacrifices in the travel we want to do, and in our lifestyles. But we are committed to the change.

    Starting this process of trying to live more sustainably has not been at all what I expected, but it’s been more rewarding than I imagined. And it’s so great to find other thoughtful people in the community who are there for support (like yourself). I applaud what you’ve done here, and encourage you to keep it up!

    Best wishes for a balanced and lovely 2008!

    My 2008 resolutions can be found here:

    Brave New Leaf’s last blog post..When you can’t recycle, try freecycle


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