You Gotta Love these Green Moms

In my previous post,  I mentioned that the group, the Green Moms of the Green Moms Carnival, won the Shorty Award for best short green content on Twitter.  I am part of a group of about 30 women who blog about saving the Earth in some facet.  Some are passionate about reducing plastic, while others are passionate about reducing toxic chemicals in our lives.  We all have our own passions about going green.  Many of you know that mine are organic gardening, green building, and re-purposing.

The video was created by me for the Shorty Awards, so the rest of the world could see who are the “Green Moms.”  It is only five minutes, and if I say so myself, it is quite good for an amateur!   The reason for the video?  Not all of us could attend the award ceremony.  We are a collective group and I wanted everyone to be able to share in the award.  Unfortuneately, the producers of the Shorty Awards decided not to show it because it was too long.

Why was it so important to make a video for the Shorty Awards?  Although to many of you, Twitter and the Shorty Awards means nothing.   Trust me, this award was a big deal.  It was even a bigger deal for us because it meant our message of healing the world, through our actions and written word was being heard. 

I wanted the world to see that we are not just a bunch of moms with blogs.  We are lawyers, accountants, marketing mavens, health experts, authors, and green business owners.  More importantly, we are your friends, relatives, and neighbors who want to share a cup of tea or coffee with you to change your life for the better and in many cases, save you some green as well.

This highly intelligent group tells it to you straight.  They do not create  sound bite  articles or teasers, or smatter their posts with  keywords to obtain a higher Google rank.  They all write with intensity and clarity with the purpose of educating their readers.  They speak with passion and determination that they will and have made a difference.  Although, as I stated earlier, each one of us has our individual passions, collectively, we have a single purpose.  To protect what we love.

The Green Moms consists of real green moms with different age children along with mothers of the Earth who do have any children.  Green Fathers and Father of the Earth are also encouraged to join as well.

Collectively, the Green Moms have a synergy which I would define as a whole which is greater than the sum of their parts.  Join us to make a difference.  We need your voice.  For details about upcoming Green Mom carnivals, see here.  I hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did creating it.

Thanks to all of the wonderful photographers who agreed to share their photo on Flickr, Lisa Pavlovich,  for taking pictures for the video, and Ditto-Ditto for his music.

How are you a green mom?

What are your passions?

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      Green Talk says

      Angie, all you have to do is to go to and the green carnival link. It will say who is hosting next. Just submit and article. We love to have you. I love what you are doing. Each step is so important! Anna


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