You’ve Got Green Mail Round-up of December 28, 2008


Photo by Henry Heatly

Last week with the holidays, I missed the “Got Green Mail” segment.  My cup overflowed with amazing stories for all green palates to enjoy.  Remember, if you have a great green story (which includes your own), display the link in the comment section and give us a quick blurb of what the article is about.  Here goes this weeks’ green treats:

National Geographic PSA Video College Student Contest


The National Geographic Channel is sponsoring their second annual “Preserve Our Planet” College Film and PSA Contest for college students.

“Preserve Our Planet is about working together to preserve the environment, and this year’s criteria include a new core idea – “Together We Can Make A Difference” – which students should reflect in their entry films and PSAs. In addition to the cash prize, winners will have the opportunity to screen their work at the annual meeting of the National Geographic Explorers in June 2009, and see their films broadcast nationally as part of National Geographic Channel’s Earth Day events via on-air, online, and NGC On Demand, wherever available.

For complete details, including complete details, including rules, entry forms and prize information, please visit: Submissions will be accepted through December 31, 2008. There is an online voting component where people can help determine the audience choice film.

Boat Green

Boating Green featured on the San Diego Boat Show. Who says you can’t have the wind in your face and smell the sweet spray of water with showing a little green style?

NARI Launches

Everything you read about green building seems to center around new construction. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry recently launched to help homeowners and construction professionals.

“NARI’s new Web site provides eco-minded homeowners with a quick resource to find Green Certified Professionals, and it offers our members a place to learn, gather information and get connected to others in the remodeling industry,” said Don Van Cura, Sr, CR, CKBR, GCP, CLC, and NARI Education chair.”

RSi Solar’s Transparent Solar Windows

RSi Solar has announced that they’ve designed Transparent Solar Windows.  According to the article in Eco Geek, the windows generate  80 – 250 watts each, depending on the size as well as reduce heat and  cooling costs along with UV and infrared radiation.  My first thought was will these windows reduce the transparency of the window and cause less day light to be transmitted?  If so, would more energy be consumed due to increased light usage and/or any unhappiness with employees who would no longer be exposed to day light?

Dupont and 3M’s Teflon Replacement Just as Toxic?

This article written by Jeanne Roberts at the was written in August, 2008.  However, I decided to include it in my round-up because it made me so angry.  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article imploring President Elect Obama to make it a priority to make the Kids’ Safe  Chemcial Act the law of the land requiring chemicals to go through scrutiny before they were permitted to be sold in the marketplace.   Dupont and 3M’s creation of Teflon and now their replacement is a fine example of what is wrong with this country’s policy on chemical safety.

According to the article, the EPA and the Center of Disease Control have put pressure on Dupont and 3M for years to replace their toxic coating containing PFOAs  (a type of PFC) with a more environmentally friendly substitute.  PFC, which is short for perfluorocarbons, are one of the worse chemicals created by man since its effects will  persist long after humans are gone. It is not biodegradable.

So what does Dupont and 3M do?

“Dupont has responded by creating C6, a clone of C8 containing a few less carbon atoms. 3M dealt with the issue by creating a private company operating out of China (where restrictions are negligible) and importing its perfluorocarbons in the form of cheaper merchandise. Both deserve a round of applause – preferably the sound of one hand clapping – for their continuing efforts to poison the earth. “

Dupont and 3M, you just went to the head of the class.

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  1. 1

    Michael says

    Green boating. That is a stretch. How much pollution is caused in the manufacturing of boats? Oil and gas slicks in our waterways. Gas to get to where you are boating. Gas to get to Boat Show. Too much comsumption!!! Greenwashing doesn’t float.

    • 2

      Green Talk says

      Michael, the article on green boating has to do with the consumption of fuel, using green products aboard a boat, etc. It is not about the manufacturing of a boat. Anna


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